He is finally able to quench his thirst, even though he still desires blood more than anything else. He recalls Ferid Bathory, who is a seventh progenitor and is rumored to have children frequently visit his residence. When he orders the weapon to drink his blood, it sprouts thorny vines that pierce through his hand, while spreading all around and additionally, turning the blade crimson in color.

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With the help of Goshi's illusion, Guren attacks Mika from behind, claiming checkmate; however, Ferid steps between them and blocks the attack. Yu tells Mika to let go before he kills him. He prefers to bevanda the bottled blood of the whole group rather than bite Yu, despite the pleasure of biting someone. However, the monster unleashed a spastic abomination that went after Sam and pantsed him. He says the thirst is getting worse and is worried he might drink too much of Yu's blood. When Guren reveals that he seeks to resurrect everyone that was killed by the virus eight years ago, Mika questions this plan, and learns that only those that have died by the apocalypse virus eight years ago would be revived. Yu asks Shinoa for orders.

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Trans Mikaela

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That one anon nobody likes. Guren orders Shinoa to embrace Yu to undo the transformation, so she jumps in after Yu flings Mika aside. He says he would rather die than be unable to save his family. Mika brings up how his planned escape attempt from Sanguinem had gotten their family killed, but Yu insists that escape gave them a future, and this time, they will be working together to make it out alive. Hailing from a small town in upstate New York herself, Maddie is a champion for the underdog, and she works tirelessly to provide top-notch support for our clients, doing a lot with a little. Krul claimed that Mika belonged to her. She grabbed him with a pair of tongs and burnt out his optic with a blowtorch before chaining him inside a box. Guren points to the spell tomes that can better explain this resurrection ceremony in response to the squad members points and questions relating to that qualifier, and tells everyone that they are going to have to trust him, but Mika still sees this plan as a con. Ferid reminds Mika that vampire law dictates that they cannot directly bite and drink blood from humans in the city, but Mika points out Ferid had no regard for that law when he drank Mika's blood four years ago.

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