Hit the road and explore all you can do in and around Santa Maria Valley. The nearest train station with long-distance Amtrak service is in Guadalupeto which Amtrak provides bus service from Santa Maria. During February the E part of the lava dome was incandescent and lava flows descended the E and W flanks. A thermal anomaly was detected in satellite imagery at night. On 22 October two pyroclastic flows traveled down the volcano's flank.

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A weak explosion was detected on 4 January. Internet URLs are the best. Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 5 full and 4 partial tracts. Latest news from Santa Maria, CA collected exclusively by city-data. On most days, fumarolic colums reached 2. Avalanches occurred on the NE and S flanks of the dome.

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During February ash from pyroclastic flows was detected in satellite imagery and rose to altitudes of 3. On 31 August a lahar traveled down the Nima I drainage on the S flank carrying 2-m-diameter blocks, tree branches, and tree trunks. Avalanches of material descended the flank. Since the 19th century, various notable replicas have been publicly commissioned or privately constructed. On 19 and 23 January explosions generated ash plumes that rose m above the complex. During October a dense white plume rose m and drifted SW.

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On 29 January at , an eruption column rose to about 4. An ash plume rose about 1. On 7 and 8 July, sounds resembling avalanches descending the flanks were reported; visual observations were hindered coppia to cloud cover. The report noted that during the previous four days explosions had ejected ballistics m in diameter as far as 3 km. Ash plumes from explosions detected during October rose m and drifted S. Moderate explosions were detected later that day. Some explosions were audible in areas as far as15 km S. On 10 May a white plume rose 75 m high. Magma avalanches originated from the SW edge of the Caliente dome, and from the fronts of active lava flows on the volcano's SW flank.

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