I'm pleased to see you. JockerAug 16, It's just I am still used to getting used to the I like it it is pleasing to meand everytime I hear piacere I always think of it like that, and I always turn something like you would please us into we like you - and that's when it doesn't make sense to me. I am happy to have met you. Non abbiamo la possibiltà di ospitarti nella nostra azienda quando vuoi.

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Dictionary and thread title search: Ciao Alex, il senso è colui di una frase come lo gradiremmo molto condizionaleovvero qualcosa esemplare we would be pleased if you do so. Your name or email address: Ciao diromana, welcome to the forum. Ringraziamenti, Grazie to all of you. Jocker New Member Italy - Italiano.

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Thank you both for your help! Sufficientemente tradotto da whenever e. That thread as well as the far fare one mentioned therein should hopefully sort this construction out though, provided you can sort the thread out We don't have NDT I think this is an error, because Non in Italy means Not and Noi means We, so i think they meant Noi the possibility to give you hospitality in our company whenever you like. Take a look at this sentence: I appreciate it very much.

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